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FAQs about LUFA Rostock

What does the acronym LUFA mean?
LUFA is the abbreviation for Agricultural Analysis and Research Institute. Nowadays we concentrate almost exclusively on analytical services for farmers, breeders, traders, and environmental administration. No agricultural research like field trials is conducted at the LUFA Rostock.

What are LUFA analyses used for?
The LUFA Rostock (a member of the LMS) offers physico-chemical and biological analyses, that are used for decision-making and control:

  • For the production management and production control in agricultural companies
    • Plant production: classic soil analysis, classic plants analysis, analysis of crops products, determination ingredients, undesired leftovers, quality of seeds, composition of commercial and commercial suitable fertilizer
    • Milk and meat: classic analysis of basic fodder and mixed fodder, desirable and undesirable ingredients
  • For the quality protection in the environment
    Analysis of water diverse origin and the future use of sludge, compost and dredged material as to their usefulness for application on the agricultural surface
  • For the preventive consumer protection
    Analytics of (agricultural) products as to desirable and undesirable ingredients (pesti-cides, vitamins, amino acids, dioxines)
  • We are undertaking routine analysis, for instance:
    • Tasks of a company laboratory with discontinuous control function (for example: import/export of agricultural products, production of fertilizer or feeding stuffs).
    • The routine-analysis, for which your research laboratory is not prepared and which cannot be executed at favourable price (for example at Universities and other research institutes).
    • Analysis that owing to the forthcoming investitions and/or the personal situation should be commissioned through the third party (Outsourcing).

What are the areas of analyses?

Inorganic analytics

  • Soil
    • The emphasis is put on the classic soil analysis: laboratory team analysis for you in accordance with the methods of the VdLUFA association and classifies the out-come in accordance with the valid content classes. The methods and rules of Mecklenburg-Vorpommern are applied. At your request we are able to apply the methods and rules of others federation of the state.
    • The LUFA Rostock is besides the institution that is entrusted with the updates of the fertilizer recommendations that are in force in M-V. The LUFA Rostock repre-sents M-V in the Agricultural Tests and Research Institutions Association (VdLUFA).
    • Service of GPS aided soil sampling is also available
  • Plants
    The main fields are:
    • The classic plants analysis for disclosure of defects or excesses
    • Inorganic substances and further ingredients in harvest products and feeding stuffs
    Thanks to our specialists we are able to determine in all plant tissues: inorganic substances, trace elements, heavy metals and GVO component parts

Organic analytics
The emphasis is put on:

  • environmental field
  • foodstuffs tests
  • feeding stuffs analysis

Agricultural biology
Co-workers of this department conduct analysis with visual, biological and physical methods on:

  • sewage sludge, compost
  • seeds
  • feeding stuffs

What equipment is used by LUFA Rostock?

  • The LUFA offers broad and by the way high quality analytics, which is based on the newest technical devices. Our outcomes are official unquestionable. We are trying to carry out also rare research, so that you have to deal only with one partner. The LUFA‘s equipment encompass
    • Inorganic: AAS, ICP, ICP-MS, RFA,
    • Organic: HPLC, GC, GC-MS, GC-MS (high - resolution)
    • Moreover: NMR, NIR, PCR, elektrophoresis

Is LUFA Rostock a certified lab?
Yes. Our analytics fulfils a high quality standard. This manifests through the successful participations in collaborative trials, certification of analysis process and accreditation through DAR, AKS, Fediol and ISTA

Permissions, certifications, accreditations



Research fields

DAP Berlin



Physical, physico-chemical and chemical analyses of water, waste water, eluatene, sewage sludge, sediments, solid wastes and matters for recycling, soils, compost, fertilizers, feeding stuffs, foodstuffs, crops, plants and seeds; specific biological and microbiological analyses of water, feeding stuffs, foodstuffs, crops and seeds; sampling of soil solution water and deposition water, waste water, untreated and drinking water, falling wet atmospheric water in liquid state, water from standing waters, flowing waters as well as from the sea, of soils within the frame of the "Bundesbodenschutz- and Altlastenverordnung", agricultural soils, soils and sludges according to the "Abfallklärschlammverordnung, sludges", compost, solid wastes, fertilizers, feeding stuffs, foodstuffs, crops and peat;

International Seed Tests Association ISTA

Member of the Association in accordance with article IV (c) of the ISTA constitution

State accreditation unit, Hannover

AKS -P- 21304-EU

ISO/IEC 17025

Accreditation in accordance with ISO/IEC 17025 supplemented through SOP´s (standard working) and supervision of our practice by means of random samples through quality security staff in accordance with the OECD Rules for the Good Laboratory Practice nr 2 and 7

Does LUFA Rostock deal with companies outside Germany?

For further information please do not hesitate to contact us by email:
info@lms-lufa.de or by phone: +49 381 20307-0

The LUFA Rostock belongs to LMS Landwirtschaftsberatung Mecklenburg-Vorpommern / Schleswig-Holstein GmbH, a consultancy for agricultural companies.